Monday, September 29, 2008

Biden Vs. Palin: A Sure Win for the Dems

Boy am I excited for the upcoming vice presidential debate... much more excited than I was for the first debate between Obama and McCain.

Why you ask?

I am beyond excited to watch Palin buckle in the spotlight. I am really looking forward to watching a woman who has been scripted for the past few weeks take on a man with decades of experience who is known to speak his mind.

Oh baby.

So what you can definitely expect to see in this upcoming debate on Thursday is a massive win for the Democrats.

What on earth is Palin going to talk about in front of a man like Joe Biden? You think Joe will let her justify her quote about Russia's proximity to Alaska?

Joe Biden is foreign policy. Sarah Palin got her first passport last year. This isn't going to be a debate, it's going to be a beatdown.

Since being picked as Barack Obama's running mate, Biden has been interviewed countless times... Sarah Palin, what is it three interviews now? And all of them a laugh.

People are finally realizing that Sarah Palin has no business being in the position she is in. It's been three weeks and her hype has died down now that she has shown America just how unprepared and inexperienced she is.

Palin is in a rough spot. Yesterday, John McCain had to refute her statement about handling terrorists in Pakistan and how she said the exact same thing as Obama, contradicting McCain. When taken off the script, Palin is like a moose in headlights.

There were no knockout punches thrown in the first debate between Obama and the McCain, but I can guarantee you Joe Biden will throw a few.

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