Tuesday, September 16, 2008

In a Perfect World...

In a perfect world there would be no republicans. There would be no democrats or independents or elections.

The country wouldn't divide itself and fight over people we don't know.
There would be no Bush, Dick or Rove. No White House and no Air Force One.
There would be no HIV/AIDS, no cancer, no disease, hunger or genocide.
People wouldn't fight. They would love.
There would be no arguments over abortion (because in a perfect world choice is individual).
There would be full gay rights and no civil injustices.
There would be no gun control because there would be no guns, no bullets and no murder.
Religion would vanish and people would stop hating. The color of your skin would no longer mean anything.
There would also be no global warming, endangered species or soaring gas prices.
Cars would run on something different and our addiction to foreign (any) oil would cease to exist.
War would only be a card game and we'd call it something different, perhaps, 'Peace.'
Also, no one would argue science. People would finally open their eyes and see what life really is.
The world was created a couple thousand years ago? Come on!
Global warming has nothing to do with human activity? Come on!
Why do we hold higher education in such high regard when the scientists and doctors who warn us about global warming, among other things, are looked at like psycho liberals hippies!? What was the point in their decades of education and research?
The sad things is that the world is far from perfect. There are guns, hate, crime, politicians and empty promises. Gays have less rights in a country where everyone is 'created equal.' People doubt global warming. People love war. People hate others.
Obviously I don't speak for everyone but I do speak the truth. Until we can start loving each other, and loving ourselves, this planet is going to head in the same downward spiral we've been plunging down for some time now.
Grow up people.
Live and love.

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shmooda10 said...

LIVE AND LOVE. So easy to say and to read, people need to read this and take it into their heart. It is probably too late for the older generation of people, excluding myself. These words should be read to the newest generations. It is up to you and the generations to follow to try and instill this into their lives.