Saturday, September 20, 2008

Holy Cow it's Jesus!

Once again, the desperate have sought comfort in something resembling Jesus Christ.

This time, a water stain on the ceiling of a weight-loss center for women. Oh dear God.

Arkansas City, Kansas is the newest place to add to the list of cities one must visit in order to find an old, dead guy's face on an inanimate object.

At least this time it wasn't on a cheese doodle or the side of a cat.

Don't people know what a coincidence is?

Women who frequent the 'One Stop Beauty Shoppe' have even stopped swearing in the presence of the water-stained ceiling, or excuse me, in the presence of the son of God.

When are people going to stop making a big deal about sightings like this? It is getting a tad ridiculous.

What would people say if I claimed to see a piece of popcorn resembling, Rodney Dangerfield? Would I get an article or video special on I doubt it. I might get a bunch of crazy looks though.

Let us stop this madness today! No more food, animal or water stain Jesus' please. No more finding an old dead guy in the most unlikely of places, earth.

This doesn't offend me because I'm Jewish. I'm no hater of religion (well, at least some of the time). This offends me because I am a human being with a functioning brain.

Please folks, knock it off.

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