Friday, September 26, 2008

Like Children on Swings

I hate drilling, I love drilling....

I will go to the debate, I won't go to the debate, or wait, yes I will...

Experience is a must! I pick Sarah Palin..

Everything John McCain says he changes. He is like a child on a swing. Back and forth, back and forth.

I don't want a fickle old man running my country, with his indecisive finger on the red button.

But he's not alone... Sarah Palin is just as big a liar as McCain. The amount of lies that pour out of these two people collectively makes me sick to my stomach.

McCain said he chose somebody who, "stopped government from wasting taxpayers money."

What about that 15 million dollar hockey arena in Wasilla, costing the tiny town 1.3 million after loads of problems.

Does the Bridge to Nowhere ring any bells? How about all of the money she got for that project... where is it now? And that plane on ebay... didn't actually sell on ebay and they lost over half a million dollars of taxpayers money with that fiasco. There was no profit. Some reformer.

They say she has small town values.. she is from the crystal meth capital of Alaska.

What about foreign policy Johnny boy? We know you have been abroad... but the broad you picked just got her passport last year! A photo-op in NYC with a few foreign leaders doesn't give her any experience.

Come on America, wake up! Let's show McCain and Palin we aren't as stupid as they think we are! Show them that some functioning brains do exist in the red states that want to see a real difference!

The GOP is a joke. They are an endangered species and I look forward to watch them dwindle away to nothing.

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