Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Marijuana - Friend or Foe?

What is actually wrong with smoking marijuana?

This questions has been up for debate for decades.

From propaganda films like Reefer Madness to the war on drugs, marijuana has become an infamous pastime for users around the world.

So what's the big deal? There has never been any recorded instance of death by pot.
No one has ever overdosed on marijuana and the amount necessary to kill you is impossible to consume.

Let's talk about alcohol quickly.

Alcohol contributes to approximately 85,000 deaths per year. That's only in the United States.
Not to mention the countless alcoholics, either on or off the wagon whose lives were drastically changed by the drink.

How about tobacco? Almost half a million tobacco related deaths per year in the US alone.

Those statistics are absolutely criminal. What is the worst thing that has happened to someone who smoked marijuana?

You might eat a lot of chips or cookies. Oh man, how awful.

Some claim marijuana to be a 'gateway drug.' This means, that if the desired effect of the drug
doesn't live up to its hype, the user would be more inclined to try other stronger drugs.

That has nothing to do with marijuana. It has everything to do with each and every individual
who wishes to experiment. If they want to try smoking marijuana in the first place, it means they already have that desire to try drugs.

Yes, there are health risks when it comes to smoking marijuana. Smoking marijuana.

The actual drug doesn't pose as much of a risk as the method of consumption. Clearly, smoking anything into your lungs is harmful to your health. However, there are ways of consuming marijuana that don't carry such threats to the body.

Obviously, this debate is old and will only continue to age. People may want to think about the positive impact legalizing the plant would have on this country.

Because the production cost of marijuana is so low in comparison to its street value as a drug, keeping the plant illegal cuts down the number of growers and distributors due to the fear of being caught and incarcerated.

If it was legal, people would grow everywhere, making the value of the drug drop significantly.

That's where the government would step in. If we could tax marijuana like we do cigarettes, billions of dollars would be pumped into the economy and there would be a sharp decline in organized crime. The only difference would be where you get it. Instead of on some sketchy corner or in a parking lot, you'd buy packs of marijuana cigarettes at the store.

For you haters out there, having the plant legalized wouldn't mean there would be people smoking weed everywhere. People are going to smoke pot regardless. But making it legal would stimulate an aching economy, reduce crime and frankly, make a lot of people happy.

Now what's wrong with that?


shmooda10 said...

BRILLIANT! This piece should be sent to High Times, Village Voice or any other magazine that has the balls to tell the truth!

Bluebear2 said...

Some claim marijuana to be a 'gateway drug.'

The biggest way that I've seen this apply is in that by being illegal one needs to associate with dealers who also are pushers trying to get you to try other things.