Saturday, September 27, 2008

McCain is Bush. Bush is McCain.

Is this really who people want running our country?
How are people so blind to the fact that McCain is Bush? Bush is McCain. They are the same!
It is beyond sad that some people don't see that. The idea that people see McCain as change is absolutely mind-boggling.
He is so unqualified to be our president. I'd be surprised if he survived the next four years with his health history and age. Look how much a president ages in one term. Look at Clinton, and the economy was rockin during his two terms and there was no war.
If McCain is elected, he will need to be pushed around in a wheelbarrow after a few months.
He seemed so uncomfortable speaking last night, like the arthritis in his knees was too much to handle. He looked like he was in pain. He needs to hang it up.
And for those out there thinking he is different than Bush, open your eyes and stop being so damn stupid. Stop letting the GOP think for you. Stop being so damn brainwashed.
McCain is obviously more of the same. I just don't want to have to say 'I told you so' if McCain is elected.


emily said...

I'm not voting for McCain either, but try and explain your reasoning in a more educated manner. Saying he's old, has arthritis, looks uncomfortable, and will need to be pushed around in a wheelbarrow says nothing about why he is unqualified or a bad choice for president.

Grant Lingel said...

I'll make sure to take that into consideration.