Friday, September 26, 2008

Props to Katie Couric for Not Punching Sarah Palin in Her Stupid, Lying Mouth

My congratulations go out to Katie Couric, for not vomiting all over the place while interviewing Sarah Palin.
Her answers were absolutely insane, and those who believe otherwise should move to Wasilla, Alaska and take up crystal meth.
Katie Couric's eyes were worth a thousand words as she spoke with Palin, somehow keeping a straight face while listening to the scripted garbage come oozing out of her lying mouth.
You have NO foreign policy experience, admit it! We already know! Don't be shy Sarah. Stop defending your proximity to Russia quote and admit you were talking out your ass.
She has a real problem answering questions. It's beyond me. How can people get away with NOT answering questions in an interview? It's absolutely nuts.
She is so uniformed, so ignorant and so unfit for president that it blows my mind we are where we are today after all we have overcome in the past. It's absolutely sickening. The McCain/Palin campaign will dig us deeper and set us further back than we are now. You could bet on that.
How do some people not see that?

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