Monday, September 22, 2008

A Sad Day in the Baseball World

Consider it the mecca of sports. The most accomplished and spirited holy places where teams come to battle. The house that Ruth built.

Yankee Stadium.

The boys in pinstripes hosted the Baltimore Orioles in front of a packed stadium of fans and Yankee greats. It was the last time anyone would walk into Yankee Stadium.

After opening in 1923, Yankee Stadium has been home to some of the greatest baseball players that ever lived. Ruth, Gehrig, Dimaggio, Mantle, Berra, Maris, Jeter, Williams and the list goes on and on and on... It has seen 26 world championships and some of the craziest games in baseball history.

I remember the first time I set foot in Yankee Stadium. Seeing the New York insignia on the grass and the white fence around the stadium made tears fill my eyes. Having been a baseball player for nearly two decades and a Yankees fan since conception, it was like the holy grail of stadiums to me, and most.

I have been lucky and seen some wonderful games from the seats in the Bronx. I saw Alex Rodriguez hit two homers in one inning. I saw Jeter pass Mantle on the Yankee all-time hit list. I've seen only one loss from the inside.

I was lucky enough to see Yankee Stadium from my window in an old apartment on East 95th St and from where I am now in West Harlem I can see the lights in the sky and the blimp flying overhead during games.

I sadly was unable to attend the last game, a victory over the Orioles, but the memories I have from the most decorated place in the sports universe will stay with me forever.

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