Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama and McCain: Round 1

So I didn't see anything fancy or witness any death blows in the first debate between the two presidential hopefuls.

Barack Obama and John McCain went head-to-head, answering questions from spooky, big-eyed moderator, Jim Lehrer.

They tackled questions raised about the economy and foreign policy.

Obama was composed, calm and intelligent in all of his responses, being polite and pointing out when McCain was right and where they agreed upon certain issues. Obama answered questions that were asked, giving definitive answers and explanations as to what he is going to do as president.

Obama actually answered the questions he was asked! Go figure, something I haven't seen McCain or his joke of a running-mate, Sarah Palin, do thus far.

McCain however, did exactly what I (and many others) expected him to do. He talked about himself and his record. John, we really don't care anymore that you were in a POW camp. We know. You have told us many times.

John McCain is to POW camp as Rudy Giuliani is to 9/11. Stop talking about it already!

Another thing that annoyed me incessantly was Senator McCain's condescending tone throughout the debate. Just because you are older than everyone there doesn't mean you have to talk down to everyone like we don't understand. And how about looking at Obama? McCain avoided looking at Obama when Lehrer told him to address his question to the Illinois Senator. McCain kept talking and staring at Lehrer like an immature child.

Most people watching the debate understand the economy more than McCain, yet he speaks to us as if we were children, just like George W. Bush. Two old, white, religious condescending conservatives... sounds like, almost every president we have ever had, and look where we are now.

McCain spoke about how he will fix the financial crisis and do this, that and the other thing.

I was born in 1983, right when McCain started his time in the Senate. What has he done to actually help this country in the time that I've been alive?

McCain spoke about the veterans, and how they are unhappy as ever now, but he will fix it. Fix it? Why have you been ignoring them since the early- eighties? He is so transparent that it's sadly funny.

I can see through McCain like a window. He is a lying, flip-flopping old codger who needs to throw in the towel before this country is actually flushed, not just spinning round and round heading towards the drain.

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