Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tucker Bounds is a Moron

I have only enjoyed this mans presence once since he was introduced to the world... when he got destroyed by Campbell Brown on CNN.

Day in and day out, Tucker Bounds never ceases to amaze me with his commentary and his snide remarks about Barack Obama. Someone who actually intends to do something positive with this country.

Everyday he says the same thing.. "Attacks mark a new low for Barack Obama." Everyday!

Obama's comments were in regards to the GOP distracting the nation and trying to undermine the nation's trust in the dems.

Everything Obama said was fair, legit and true!

The McCain campaign has continued smearing Obama's campaign with viscious remarks and false claims.

Even Karl Rove, one of the slimiest men around, said McCain has gone too far. Imagine that.

Wake up America. Eight is far too many.

Four more would just be wrong.

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