Friday, October 31, 2008

Twins Two: Starring McCain and Schwarzenegger

Where do I even begin?

First off, the idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger jabbing at Obama's "scrawny arms" and "chicken legs" is absolutely elementary and ludicrous. The fact that Barack Obama is lean is of no importance to anything going on in the world right now. Not to mention John McCain's old and beat, 72 year old body which I shudder to think about.

John McCain has been taking shots at Obama's 'celebrity' status but is now he is desperately campaigning with Hank Williams Jr. and the Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger. McCain would attack Obama like a madman if Brad Pitt and Lenny Kravetz where out campaigning with him in these last few days.

No one was there to see the Governor of California, they were there to see the Terminator.

Aaaahnald attacked Obama about the money he has raised campaigning and how in a recession, that money could have gone to better things. Remember Arnold, and every other desperate Republican out there, that money was DONATED to Barack Obama by the American people. The thing is, Obama has had so many people donating over and over, small amounts whenever they could because they really believe. It grows a lot when you have tons of supporters. I am sure Arnold Schwarzenegger has donating a hefty sum of money to John McCain. Barack has more supporters, more supporters means more money. That's why he is winning, because of his gigantic following.

John McCain stepped in and thanked the Terminator, calling him a 'true American hero.' Unlikely seeing as how he is Austrian. And half the morons in the crowd are people accusing Obama of not being American and questioning the authenticity of his birth certificate. When an Austrian man who followed his American dream rallies up a bunch of ignorant idiots in an arena while shooting down an American man following his American dream to become president, my head starts to hurt. The hypocrisy and absolute ridiculousness of the McCain campaign is overwhelming.

The Governator also pointed out that John McCain was serving his country as a POW longer than Obama has been in the Senate. Who cares? That is so incredibly irrelevant and doesn't make him more qualified at all. These Republicans are desperate with the last hours ticking away. McCain needs a lot more than Arnold Schwarzenegger and his lame, thin attacks on Obama that will be fact-checked to death. He needs a miracle.

Listen Closely

First he refers to Joe Biden as Joe The Biden, probably still torn up from the previous day where he was stood up by his faithful toilet plunger.

Then he referred to Barack Obama as Senator O'Biden.

Lastly, he finishes by saying, "I know our friends and I know our enemies and they know me, blah blah blah.." Wait a second... you know our enemies? They know you? So does that mean you know Al Qaeda and Taliban? Wouldn't that mean you're the one who was pallin' around with terrorists?

Everything this guy says is a joke. All of it. He can't go a sentence without being contradictory or making himself look incompetent. He is a hypocrite and in four more days the country will shut him down.

Palin and McCain Disagree

They disagree here about defense spending.

They disagreed about pulling out of Michigan.

They disagreed about targeting terrorists in Pakistan.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Rick Sanchez Makes Michael Goldfarb Look Like A Moron

Like all clueless McCain supporters, McCain spokesmen Michael Goldfarb looks like a complete moron on CNN.

McCain Stood Up By Joe The Plumber

Beep beep, coming through... time for the rubberneckers to glance out their windows and witness yet another McCain campaign train wreck.

Last night when Barack Obama had Bill Clinton on stage with him, John McCain couldn't even get Joe The Plumber to stay be his side... McCain introduced a non-existent Joe The Plumber to the crowd and after awkward silence and no Joe, he announced they were all Joe The Plumbers. The real Joe was probably out back working on his country music record deal or necking with Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

The closer it gets to Election Day, the happier I get. I am tired of this nonsense. The country is in a terrible place right now and while Barack Obama is laying out his plan to help pull us out of the gigantic hole we're in, John McCain is still only talking about a few things... Joe The Plumber, Bill Ayers and now Obama's link to a Columbia University professor, Rashid Khalidi (a man McCain also has ties to). This is John McCain doing what he does best, smearing names and running a negative campaign.

Just give up John. Give up Sarah. You guys are the last two on the sinking ship... either drown or save yourselves. Actually, go ahead and drown.

Don't Vote . . . NOT

Hollywood stepping things up.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The GOP Called Out

I couldn't agree more. You know if Barack Obama was in the White House during Hurricane Katrina, things would have gone worlds different.

Beyond Inspirational: Barack Obama Infomercial


John McCain On Very Thin Ice

Over the past few months, it has been very common to hear rumors floating around about all of the candidates running for office.

The McCain campaign has tried desperately and incessantly to paint Barack Obama in a poor light. There have been countless references to Bill Ayers (who McCain said in the third debate was some washed up old terrorist he didn't care about), attempts to link him to ACORN (nobody cares), attacks on his faith, his relationships and his character.

McCain released a new ad today showing Obama's face floating in front of images of Iran and Ahmadinejad. They talk about Obama's plan to speak without 'preconditions,' another thing that only McCain and Palin care about. I can smell the desperation from here in Harlem.

The whole time Obama has stood strong, completely cool and collected while McCain bounces around like a tennis ball on issues . . . back and forth, back and forth.

What McCain has done consistently throughout his campaign is lie repeatedly to the American people. He still stands by the slogan, Country First, which is the biggest lie of all. It has and always will be John McCain first in his mind.

He has said numerous times that he can fix this country. His examples have been thin and transparent, almost humorous if the consequences weren't so grave. "I can find Osama Bin Laden my friends" and "I can fix the economy, no problem."

Today he said, "I'll get every American a job." Boy oh boy, it seems John McCain can do everything! Maybe he'll go up into the sky and fix the ozone. And after that he can cure AIDS and cancer.

Think about how many homeless people there are in this country... do you really think John McCain cares at all about homeless people? Doubtful. He wants to give tax cuts to oil companies. Not something someone who cares about the poor and middle class would do.

Seeing as how the poor and middle class make up almost all Americans, that's a pretty bad sign for Johnny Boy.

My Thoughts on Sarah Palin

It would take me a lot of time to put down all of my thoughts about Sarah Palin, so I'll make this as brief as possible.

She is the biggest slap in the face to this country I have ever witnessed. She goes against so many things people have fought hard for and she will set this country back ages.

She is a clone of George W. Bush, someone who will easily buy into all of the GOP rhetoric. She is a puppet who is in way over her head.

She is a right-wing religious nut who is hell bent on taking away people's civil liberties. She is insanely pro-life, doesn't believe in global warming and has no economic or foreign policy intelligence. John McCain said himself not too long ago that he isn't very savvy with economics and would need a VP who could help him out in that area... ha!

She is no maverick, no reformer and absolutely by no means, as McCain called her, the best thing to happen to America.

She was corrupt in Alaska and she will be the same in Washington. She can't answer questions and believes SHE is the one being tricked by 'gotcha' journalism. Being asked a question and not having a clue as to how to answer it doesn't mean we're tricking you.... it just means you are uninformed and poorly read.

Most of the people in this country are smart enough to see through her hypocrisy and lies. She may have been a regular ole hockey mom back in the day, but that day was long ago. Now she is a brand. She is new the face of the GOP. And that my friends, is a scary, scary thing.

Keith Olbermann Destroys Sarah Palin, Again

I couldn't have said it better myself.

New Obama Ad

Another honest and well made ad by the Obama campaign.

Bullwinkle Endorses Barack Obama

After a very long wait, Bullwinkle has finally gone public with his endorsement of Barack Obama.

This is huge with less than a week remaining before election day. The McCain campaign (especially Sarah Palin) have been fearing this day for quite some time now.

Bullwinkle represents all moose all over the country. By being the lead moose, he also has quite a bit of pull with the rest of the animal kingdom. Seeing as how all humans are indeed animals, Bullwinkle's public endorsement of Obama will be sure to sway many of the undecided voters out there and quite possibly, change many Republican minds.

The moose himself was not available for comment due to an increasingly busy schedule, but a Bullwinkle spokesmen said that his official statement was,

"Two antlers up for Obama."

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Joe The Plumber and Elisabeth Hasselbeck??

Since John McCain has been unable to get any endorsements that matter, he brought along Joe The Plumber to speak at a rally in Ohio.

I do a significant amount of reading but I am gonna go out and say something here that not many people are saying... who cares what Joe The Plumber thinks? He unclogs toilets for a living. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with working around human feces (someone has to do it) but is he really becoming John McCain's October surprise?

He is an unlicensed plumber folks! Come on! Who gives a crap (no pun intended) what Joe The Plumber has to say? I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the guy. I'm sure he is a solid dude, but give me a break!

Think about the McCain campaign for a minute. Think about who they have supporting them in contrast to the Obama campaign.

While the Clintons and Powells and Eisenhowers and Kennedys of the country are out there endorsing and supporting Obama, who do the McCain campaign drag around?

Joe The Plumber and Elisabeth Hasselbeck for crying out loud! It is like a reality show gone extremely wrong. The McCain campaign is a joke. The last thing the GOP needed after the eight year Bush disaster was this... a campaign that has buried itself with its own lies, hate and hypocrisy.

At least there is only one week to go.

Barbara West is a Biased Bitch

That's right, I said it.

Barbara West, a hack news reporter from Florida, relentlessly attacked Joe Biden with absolutely ridiculous questions.

Every question asked to Biden was straight out of a GOP strategist's mouth. Barbara West's husband is that man. He works for the GOP. Surprised?

Neither am I.

On October 14th, Barbara (who is usually a health reporter) interviewed John McCain and it was a completely different ballgame than the Biden interview. I was waiting for Barbara West to tear her clothes off and start licking the camera when she spoke to the old man.

Gee . . . I wonder who Barbara is going to vote for. Maybe she'll get an offer for a job at Fox News. Her disgustingly biased views are right up their alley.

Barbara West... you are a disgusting human being... stick to the health reports. You are a joke. Like the GOP. Like John McCain, George W. Bush and Sarah Palin.

Monday, October 27, 2008

John W. McBush

It boggles the mind knowing that there are people out there who actually think McCain will be a different president than Bush.

Some have their arguments (while most don't) and it absolutely blows me away that someone who voted over 90% of the time with George W. Bush thinks he'll bring change to the White House.

It is insulting to me, you and all Americans who actually care about this country. Bush doesn't care about this country. He cares about money and sneaking out of the shadow of his father.

McCain doesn't care about his country. He cares about himself. That's it.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

5th Grader Damon Weaver Interviews Joe Biden

Alaska's Biggest Paper Endorses Obama

Well how about them apples?

The Anchorage Daily News has just announced it's endorsement of Barack Obama. Sounds a little strange that the biggest newspaper in Alaska would go against its own Sarah Palin, but it just goes to show that being the most popular governor really doesn't mean squat in the national and international spotlight.

Every day that passes, another thread from the McCain sweater comes loose. There are countless fingers being pointed at countless different people, blaming the demise of the McCain Campaign on anyone and everyone.

As the GOP becomes further divided in what appears to be the beginning of the end for the republican party, the blame game is the last thing in the world they should be concerned about as their chances for presidency slips completely out of their grasp. Sarah Palin is thinking more about her chances of running for presidency in 2012 than she is thinking about the situation at hand. That was made clear the other day when she incorrectly answered a 3rd grader's question about the responsibilities of a vice president. She has had months to learn that answer and still is clueless.

Part of me, maybe .01%, feels bad for her. She is being torn apart by everyone in the country. She is the main reason for the fall of McCain. Who's to blame? A lot of people. But the man atop the ticket is where to place the most blame. John McCain had one of the biggest shovels in digging the hole that will eventually swallow the GOP. There were so many more qualified people he could have chosen. He walked the selfish path. He decided to put John McCain first, not the country.

Not only did John McCain pick Sarah Palin, he still believes she is the best choice. The most qualified choice. The best thing to happen to America. Well John, it's too bad we pick the president and not you. Because we see through the transparency of your campaign and we know you care more about yourself than your country. Hence, a gigantic shift in the polls towards Obama.

You had a great and patriotic life. You served your country well. But that doesn't mean you should be in charge. No sir.

And The Real Bill... What A Prick

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Lil' Bill O'Reilly Against Barney Frank

See more funny videos at Funny or Die

Friday, October 24, 2008

The McCain Trail of Desperation

I feel like the United States of America has become an insane asylum in the past two months.

John McCain, Sarah Palin, and all of their supporters are like a huge epidemic of addicts that just poured into the doors of a loony bin. McCain and Palin are the spokesmen for these closed-minded and selfish people. Barack Obama is in charge of the asylum and all of his supporters are like nurses and security guards for these people seeking whatever drug it is to keep them sane . . money, oil, land, god, taking away people's civil liberties . . who knows... anyway, all of these McCain and Palinites are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, saying anything they can possibly say to hurt Barack Obama and all of the good he stands for . . . as if playing by the theory, if you throw a lot of shit against the wall, some will eventually stick . . . not this time. I picture all of these crazy people running to different nurses and guards, giving them all of these crazy, made-up, flip-flopping stories just to score a little more.

"Bill Ayers!" screams a patient.

"Nobody cares about that," says a nurse.

"He is Arab!" shouts another patient.

"No, he was born in Hawaii ma'am," says a guard.

"He is a terrorist!" screams another patient.

"No, he isn't. Why don't you go get some rest," says another nurse.

Come on people! These are the only "arguments" McCain supporters have! I don't hear McCain supporters argue for his stance on health care or what he'll do for the middle class do you?
All they do is shout out the things they hear the most and read in the headlines. These people need to actually read the collection of smaller words below the big bold ones up top and start educating themselves on the REAL issues.

It makes me wonder about Ashley Todd, the psychotic girl from Texas who claimed she was assaulted by an Obama supporter. She told police a black guy carved a backwards 'B' into her face for supporting John McCain. Turns out it was all a hoax and the 'B' was backwards because she carved it into her own face in a mirror. Gee, I wonder if race had anything to do with this. McCain, kiss your chances for presidency goodbye.

They are incredibly desperate now that the end is in sight. They can see whatever drug it is they want so badly will soon be gone and they're panicking. It is actually a pretty sad sight. But it feels really good to sit back and watch.

Still Your Average Hockey Mom (if your son is Wayne Gretzky)

When asked about the ungodly amount of money spent on clothing and make-up, Sarah Palin had this to offer, "Oh if people only knew how frugal we are."

Frugal? Is that what you crazy meth addicts from Wasilla are calling it these days? I suppose we learned a few different words for that down in the lower 48, Hawaii and parts of Alaska that have the ability to think for themselves . . . corrupt, dishonest, self-righteous, pathetic, incompetent . . . I can honestly go on forever so I'll stop with this one . . . dangerous.

I have always known the word 'frugal' to mean someone who is very careful with his or her money and don't spend in excess. Seeing as how the Palins have multiple properties, cars, snow-mobiles, a small plane and over four times the average American salary on clothing, I wouldn't put that word 'frugal' in the same sentence as Palin.

I'm still having trouble grasping how some people support her. It is unreal. She is the most destructive aspect of the McCain campaign and not only do they not see that, they believe the complete opposite. McCain thinks of Palin as the most qualified VP choice in years and that she is the best thing to happen to America.

McCain keeps saying how she is the most popular governor. Who cares? How many people in this country can actually name 10 different governors anyway? I'd be willing to bet very few. And who cares if she is popular? McCain is so proud that she is so damn popular in Alaska. She is the attractive, mean girl from high school that all the boys liked. She was popular. Like she was as governor. Just because a majority of the boys in Alaska would like to see her naked doesn't mean she would make a good president. She has already been exposed as incompetent, corrupt, and frankly, very unintelligent. Eliot Spitzer was popular and look what happened to him. Popularity isn't the important thing here folks, it's the person beneath the facade. You take away all of the advisers pumping information into Sarah Palin's ears around the clock and you'll be left with a hollow, attractive shell of ignorance and stupidity. Anyone can repeat words that are stuffed down their throat.

Open your eyes people. McCain = Bush = Palin = 4 more years of the last 8.

Will Ferrell and Tina Fey as Bush and Palin

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain is Failin With Palin

If today's interview with John McCain and Sarah Palin doesn't finally sink their already sinking ship of hate, I don't know what will.

Brian Williams interviewed the two together from Akron, Ohio and I am absolutely astonished that the two of them get away with the things they say.

When asked about Joe Biden's comment about a new president being tested and the McCain camp's attack on his words, John McCain said that if he were elected, he wouldn't be tested because they know him and he has already been tested. First of all, who is they? Everyone else in the world? Or just the evildoers who would possibly do something to test America? If that's so, wouldn't John McCain be the one pallin' around with terrorists if they already know him? It's absolutely absurd.

When asked about Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama, McCain said that Powell must not have been aware of Palin's record. Right.

He said that she is a reformer and she fought corruption in Alaska. Fought corruption? Hmm.. Troopergate? $20,000+ in Joe the Plumber and Sally the Eskimo's taxpayer money in travel expenses for her uninvited litter of children? Did we forget about these things? No, we didn't.

Brace yourself, John McCain went as far to say in a desperate and feeble attempt to defend his selfish and idiotic choice of Sarah Palin that she is the most qualified vice presidential candidate we've had in years! Years!!

If this is so why are Sarah Palin's poll numbers in the toilet. The overall argument is that she has destroyed McCain's chances. She is viewed as a more destructive link to McCain than George W. Bush.

Palin has gotten herself in some trouble lately with her ignorant remarks of 'real America' and places that are 'pro America.' She has recently referred to Barack Obama as Barack the wealth spreader.

Funny, the GOP has spent $150,000 on Sarah Palin's clothing. Pretty pricey considering the state of our economy and how she is your average Joe six-pack hockey mom and all.

I don't even want to get into the robocalls and how pathetic and desperate they are.

The two of them are the ultimate odd couple who fail at ad-libbing and can't feed off each other to save their lives. The chemistry between them is absolutely non-existent.

She thinks she'll run the Senate and run around with all the boys and girls over there and make changes here and there. She truly believes she'll have all of this crazy power. You can't just pull up the Constitution on the vice presidential laptop and make changes where you see fit. Remember, it was only a few months back when Palin asked what it was that a vice president does everyday.

I am dying to hear a question be finally answered. Really, it would be so nice to hear. Every question thrown at them is dodged left and right and automatically spun into an attack on Obama and some nonsensical stump speech that has most likely been fact-checked to be false. They don't answer questions, ever. It's fascinating but also scary.

Thirteen more days and this circus will finally be over. I'm confident that Americans will make the right choice and vote for something new, different, intelligent and ready to change this country and fix the absolute disaster from Hurricane Bush. Think of Barack Obama as a sunny day and John McCain as a Category 5 hurricane. Sarah Palin is the storm in The Day After Tomorrow.

Vote for change. Vote for Obama.

For My Grandparents

This is for everyone's grandparents who are a tad reluctant to vote for Obama.

See? Other old people are doing it! You should too.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Wow. McCain Sure Loves Lying

Yesterday John McCain spoke to Fox News, the only news station on the planet who believes McCain is the right choice and he told them how happy he is with his campaign and how he is so damn happy to be the underdog.

Excuse me while I lose my lunch.

The most horrible thing to creep out of his mouth was in regards to his running mate Sarah Palin. When asked if Palin had hurt his campaign he had this to offer, "She has excited and energized our base. She is a direct counterpoint to the liberal feminist agenda for America. She has a wonderful family. She's a reformer. She's a conservative. She's the best thing that could have happened to my campaign and to America," he said.

The best thing that could have happened to America?!?!?!

Is he for real? His choice of Sarah Palin was the most selfish choice on the planet and it has proven itself to be a destructive pick for the McCain campaign. Countless people, magazines and newspapers have endorsed Obama recently and one of the main reasons was because of McCain's absolute lapse of judgement when choosing the moron from Alaska.

The idea that John McCain thinks Sarah Palin is the best thing that has happened to America is absolutely insulting and untrue. I can't think of anything worse for this country than Sarah Palin. She represents all that is wrong and evil in this world and she offers nothing to this country that we need right now. We don't need her folksy nonsense or her lack of experience and ignorance. We need change.

We need Barack Obama.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Controversial Electoral College

When it comes to electing a new president of the United States, one would imagine that it is the people of the country who choose the new official. Some may say that their vote really counts, but exactly how true is that belief? The Electoral College system is something most people have heard of but don’t really know that much about. To sum it up quickly in laymen’s terms, it takes the vote out of the hands of the people and gives it to the states.
According to the Constitution, the people are empowered to make a choice through popular election of the people who represent them in the US congress and their state legislatures. By doing so, the Electoral College is created and its members are the ones who choose the next president.
This doesn’t mean that your voice means nothing. This doesn’t mean that you don’t have any say in the presidential elections. The representatives of states in the Electoral College are supposed to vote the way the people of their state vote. This may not seem fair to some but when you are working with hundreds of millions of people, there needs to be some organization.
If the popular vote was all that mattered and was all that was necessary to elect a new president into the White House, eleven states could ultimately decide the new president and then thirty-nine other states would cry foul. I don’t necessarily agree with how the system works, but I do agree there should be some order. And this is the United States of America, not just America.
The only way that the Electoral College could be modified or done away with completely would be through a constitutional amendment. I believe the only way that something like this could happen would be if a president won the Electoral College vote while losing the popular vote. That has happened three times in history: in 1876 with Rutherford B. Hayes, shortly after in 1888 with Benjamin Harrison, and most recently in 2000 with George W. Bush. People were furious when Bush beat Al Gore and the eight years that followed were a disaster, leaving it clear in people’s minds that the Electoral College system is rather shady.
I’d be willing to bet that this year would be a lot different. Barack Obama is on his way to becoming our next president. He will win the popular vote and is looking very good in the Electoral College. With the lowest approval rating in history going to Bush right now, you can bet your bottom dollar that if McCain is elected without the popular vote this year, the United States of America will go up in smoke. I think there would be a call or two for some constitutional amending to be going on. There are too many people who care about this country too much to let the Bush Administration live on vicariously through the McCain Administration (just typing those words gave me the chills).
There are numerous arguments against the Electoral College. The most frequent of those arguments would be the chance of a president to be elected who didn’t win the popular vote. After asking around I found that people were also concerned with the Electoral College system because it may not accurately portray the true feelings of the population and so, the country. I’m sure sore as can be when watching McCain and Palin rallies and seeing all the hate and bigotry taking place. I surely don’t want to be cast alongside those hate-mongers if McCain wins the election. Because everybody knows the world will see us all like that if this country can’t change course and head in a new direction with Obama.
Barring that hypothetical scenario with McCain losing the popular but winning the presidency, the Electoral College isn’t the worst thing out there. There are very few positives about the way it works. A few examples of this would be how it improves the status of minority interests and it upholds a system of government and representation. However, I believe the system is flawed.
There is always a time for change. Now is the time, finally. The country is demanding change like crazy, be it from both sides of the aisle. Who is more honest and better qualified to lead us through that change? I believe the country, people and states alike, will make the right decision. I sure hope they will. And if for some horrible reason things go wrong and the popular vote goes to Obama while the Electoral goes to McCain, the only change people will be looking for (besides other countries to live in) will be a change to the system and an amendment to the Constitution.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Reminder to Smile

Just a quick break from all the horrible things going on in the world right now.

Palin Needs To Study A Map

So apparently while Sarah Palin was off in Wasilla reading all infinity of her magazines and newspapers, she failed to look at a globe.

I love the reaction of the crowd after she said it. A collective, "what the f*ck" permeates from the crowd as she continued speaking out the wrong hole.

I'll Take Blue Over Red

As if people need any more reasons to vote for Obama in this election.

Olbermann Hits Nail On Head Again

Once again I am at a loss for words. Keith Olbermann said it perfectly.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rachel Maddow Calls Out Sarah Palin

Am I insane? How is this going on? How is she allowed to get away with blatantly lying to the country?

She looks into cameras and speaks clearly into microphones saying things like, "no abuse of power" and "no unethical behavior." Those are both lies! Who does she think she's kidding? That would be like if OJ had been convicted of murder and stood up and was like, "no, they are wrong, I am innocent" and then moon-walked out of the courtroom! Palin has not stopped lying to America and the world since she was welcomed uninvited into our lives just two months ago.

Breathe Grant, breathe . . . only three more weeks of this and then she'll take the long walk of shame home, all the way to back to Alaska.

It Must Stop

I really can't believe my eyes and ears while watching this video.

They very idea I share the same nationality as these ignorant, hate-filled bigots makes me ill to my stomach. How can people really say such horrible things and be so naive? You will never hear such a thing at an Obama rally.

You may hear people talking negatively about John McCain sure, but you won't hear straight out lies and threats. There are people who honestly believe Obama is not American and that he is a terrorist. It's absolutely out of control and people sure love to talk about it, but nothing is really happening to stop it.

John McCain attempted to be a good guy last week when taking the microphone from an elderly woman who called Obama an Arab. McCain said, "no ma'am" and went on to call him a "decent man." He didn't bother addressing the fact that people are spewing out violent and dangerous words. These lies and smears must stop. It's incredibly un-American and unnecessary.

Tomorrow nights debate should be interesting. The final round. McCain claims he is going straight at Obama about his relationship to Bill Ayers. We'll see. He also said before the second debate that the gloves would be off. They remained on as he wandered around the stage like a lost child. So far it is Obama 2-0 . . . he goes for the sweep tomorrow from Hofstra University in New York.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

100 Days and Counting!

These might be the most exciting 100 days in American history.

With only 100 days left before George W. Bush is no longer president, people everywhere can go to bed every night smiling, knowing that the following morning will be closer and closer to a Bushless America.

George W. Bush's approval rating is hovering around 20%... a staggering 86% of Americans believe this country is in really bad shape. Only 10% think things are alright.

After taking on a country with a booming economy and surplus, Bush was able to completely wipe that all away, taking this country backwards instead of forwards while doing so. Since his inauguration in 2000 we have seen 9/11, two wars that won't end, Katrina (and the lack of government response), destruction of a surplus, creation of a monstrous deficit and a financial crisis that is spreading around the world faster than fire and threatening the demise of business as we know it. Great resume George.

If there is one thing we can be happy about, it's the prospects of an Obama presidency. Time is dwindling down and the gap in the polls continues to widen by the day. Obama remains cool, calm and collected while McCain has become increasingly more desperate and dangerous.

Americans are smart (for the most part) and we know what we need. Obviously there will always me some idiots out there... remember, 10% of people think the USA is doing great... but don't fret... good will overcome bad and Obama will win this election.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Barack Obama

Boys in Blue Taking Charge

John McCain continued what has become a hate-filled and despicable campaign with a rally today in Wisconsin.

Again, people screamed out 'traitor' while McCain attempted to slam Obama on tax policy. While these hicks hooted and hollered about Obama being a traitor, McCain smiled like a fool, only encouraging these hate-mongers to continue with their low class behavior.

On top of that, McCain's argument was something that has been debunked. So McCain is lying... big surprise. He continues not talking about the economic crisis while instead concentrating all of his efforts on mudslinging.

For those of you out there unaware... here are the latest polls from some of the more popular outlets.

Gallup: Obama/Biden 51%, McCain/Palin 41%
Pollster: Obama/Biden 49%, McCain/Palin 41%
RCP: Obama/Biden 49%, McCain/Palin 42%
CBS: Obama/Biden 47%, McCain/Palin 43%
ABC: Obama/Biden 50%, McCain/Palin 46%
NBC: Obama/Biden 49%, McCain/Palin 43%
FOX: Obama/Biden 45%, McCain/Palin 39%
CNN: Obama/Biden 53%, McCain/Palin 45%

So go ahead John McCain... continue your strategy. Talk about Barack Obama. Have your disgrace of a running mate Sarah Palin stir up more hateful rallies... it won't work. As you can see from the polls.

Maybe Not A Great Depression, But A Damn Good One

I wish I had a sled, because that drop looks steep.

With the Dow Jones dropping almost 700 points in the opening minutes of trade today, after dropping 700 yesterday, the question on everybody's mind is, will this ever stop?

Of course I can't answer this question... I'm no economist... I'm surely not clairvoyant.

But what I can do is vote for something different in a few weeks. I can easily do that. So can you. We can all get together and vote for a new, fresh face with new ideas. Someone who will actually put the country first instead of talk about it all the time. Someone who hasn't been swinging from George W. Bush's every word for the past eight years. Someone who hasn't been following the same failed ideas and policies for the past three decades in office.

We need a change before it's too late. This is our last chance.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Please Just End Already

With the VP debate in the past and only one presidential debate to go, all the candidates are on the road speaking to voters, trying their darnedest to gain more and more support.

I just wish it was over already.

I am so sick and tired of this circus. Sure it's fun to make fun of Sarah Palin and John McCain but I count down the days till they are out of my life and off of my television.

The McCain campaign has become absolutely disgraceful in the past few weeks and grows more and more hateful each and every day. Cindy McCain has even gone as far to say, 'the Obama campaign is running the dirtiest campaign in American history.' How does such a hypocrite look herself in the mirror?

McCain and Palin rallies are beginning to resemble lynch mobs. People scream out 'terrorist' and 'kill him' at the mention of Barack Obama's name. The only thing missing are the torches.

The people that support McCain blow my mind. After speaking to some McCain supporters, I realized the only ammo they have are cheap shots against Barack Obama, most of which have already been fact-checked and proven false. Most McCain supporters are lazy, angry and at least a tad racist, unwilling to look at the facts and read about what's actually going on here.

A lot of McCain supporters couldn't tell you the difference between McCain or Obama's health plan policies or where they stand on the war. But they can tell you that Obama was 'pallin' around with terrorists and that Obama had a crazy pastor.

The idea that Sarah Palin can scream to a bunch of hate-mongers, "who is Barack Obama" is absolutely insane. Who exactly is Sarah Palin? She has been around for less than two months. No one really knows that much about her... and the little we do know is far from impressive. Actually, it's down right laughable. Even her running mate doesn't know that much about her. How dare she stand up in front of the masses, claiming to be your everyday, average American while smearing a good man's name. Claiming he is a terrorist. Implanting crazy, radical and asinine ideas into the small, thick heads of paranoid old conservatives and slack-jawed hillbillies.

John McCain and Sarah Palin's actions lately have been diabolical and desperate, taking advantage of all the stupid people in America. Most of these stupid people voting for McCain would actually get the shaft under a McCain presidency. People who are too dumb and lazy to actually read about the issues. People who saw the color of Obama's skin and needed nothing more to make their decision.

I just want it to end. I don't want to get in arguments with friends over politics anymore. I don't want to hear Sarah Palin's obnoxious and folksy nonsense coming from my TV. I don't want to hear McCain calling people, 'my friends.' I think I'm looking forward to Bush leaving office almost as much as I'm looking forward to Sarah Palin fluttering off to Alaska. I just wish it would happen right now.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Round 2 Goes to Obama

After a much anticipated and long awaited second debate, Barack Obama and John McCain went at it again, this time from Nashville, Tennessee.

In a debate that was supposed to be focused on domestic policy, the struggling economy was the main issue at hand, taking up over half of the 90 minutes. Entitlement reform, health care and energy policies were top questions.

John McCain needed just about a miracle in this debate to regain any ground he has lost to Obama. There were no such miracles.

Again, John McCain relied on his library style whisper talk, a condescending tone that is becoming more difficult to stomach. He didn't attack Obama the way he had planned, never once taking off the figurative gloves for battle. He failed miserably on a few jokes that left the crowd silent while crickets chirped in the background.

Barack Obama, the next president of the United States, was once again cool as a cucumber while actually answering the questions asked and slamming McCain when necessary. Just like the first debate, McCain tried telling the American people that Obama's tax plan would hurt the country and how Obama's health care plan is garbage.

Again, McCain had no idea what he was talking about. Again, John McCain tried smearing Barack Obama's good name. Again, he failed miserably.

At one point, McCain pointed to Senator Obama and referred to him as, 'that one.' Ouch. That is disgustingly hate-filled and borderline racist. You have to be truly immature and ignorant to say something like that. Obama didn't let it bother him and went on linking McCain to George W. Bush.

McCain said over and over again, 'my friends.' But he failed to mention the middle class for the second straight debate. So who are these friends he is speaking to? Oil companies? Wall Street executives? George W. Bush? Surely not "Joe six-packs" and hockey moms.

McCain also suggested that Barack Obama simply doesn't understand, again. This time, Obama made McCain eat those pretentious words by saying, "Senator McCain, in the last debate and again today, suggested that I don't understand. It's true. There are some things I don't understand. I don't understand how we ended up invading a country that had nothing to do with 9/11."

When it came to health care, moderator Tom Brokaw (who did a mediocre job) asked the two candidates if health care is a right, responsibility or a privilege. McCain said responsibility but failed to respond why it is a responsibility. Obama said health care should be a right. I agree.

This is an incredibly wealthy nation and millions of people don't have health insurance... millions. It doesn't make sense.

Obama showed us last night that he is the man for the job. Every poll out there showed Obama winning last night. Obama is opening up his lead in numerous battleground states and the leads will only continue to grow. Things are looking bad for McCain and I can promise you his campaign will only get uglier and more hate-filled in the next few weeks.

The next debate will be at Hofstra University in New York. Tom Brokaw won't be there. Hopefully McCain won't be there either. Maybe he'll realize that his campaign is a joke and that people see through his hateful, ignorant, Bush-like rhetoric and failed ideas. I doubt that will happen. He'll be there. And just like last night, Obama will be prepared.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Keith Olbermann Destroys Sarah Palin

From ESPN's Sportscenter to eating politicians alive...

Obama and McCain Square Off Tonight, Again

With the second presidential debate looming tonight, both candidates are thinking of ways to win over the undecided voters.

With less than a month to go, both Obama and McCain need to step it up and really show us who is worthy of the presidency. Most people have made up their minds. I have made up my mind. Obama had me at hello.

McCain promised voters last week in Colorado that he would be going after Obama tonight, gloves off. He has also stepped up his attacks against Obama as well in the past week.

Palin is desperately trying to call Obama a terrorist because of his connection to a radical anti-way activist who bombed some places in the 60s and 70s but is now a professor. Obama was a child when the Weather Underground movement was underway.

McCain and Palin faithfuls, or what I like to call, ignorant hillbillies, have even gone so far as shouting out things like, 'terrorist' and 'kill him' when hearing the name Obama at rallies. And even worse, neither McCain or Palin came to Obama's defense when those absolutely hate-filled, racist and destructive words came out of their supporters mouths. That is worse than Obama's connection to Bill Ayers.

Palin's desperation even had her talking about Jeremiah Wright, Obama's old pastor and a topic that has been dead for months now. Just stop already.

It's almost funny, John McCain is campaigning like it is the early twentieth century. He forgets there is the internet (probably because he can't use a computer) and forgets about things like fact checking, video archives and records of just about everything ever. For a guy who speaks so frequently about his record, he must really believe that the American people are so naive and so stupid that he can just lie and lie and lie about Obama. John, you can't... we're a lot smarter than you think we are.

The dirtier the McCain and Palin campaign gets the better for Obama. This campaign has been going on forever now. What seems like an eternity. People don't want to hear all of that now, especially when they are fabricated lies and spewed in mass quantities.

In a country with such a full plate, people want to hear where these candidates plan to take us and how they are going to clean up the mess left by the Bush Administration. The American people deserve know.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Down and Down We Go

Despite the house passing a bailout with a $700 billion price tag, it is predicted that bank failures are almost imminent in the next year.

Come again?

So after a bailout of such astronomical proportions expert economists think banks will continue failing due to gigantic losses on sketchy home loans. The bill has passed... will it do anything to stable our shaky economy?

I believe the bailout will just mask the problem for a bit. Sure it will save some banks and financial institutions ready to fold, but overall it will be like putting on a band-aid when you should have gotten stitches.

The country will feel this for a long time, regardless of who wins the election. We can only hope that it will be Barack Obama so we can finally put an end to the same principles and ideas that have incessantly plagued our great country for the past eight years.

Who knows what will happen? That is a very easy question to ask but impossible to answer. We'll have to wait and see. That's life. But what we can do is wake up and stop thinking more of the same is what we need to get out of this deep hole. It's the last thing we need. We need change.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Battle of Good and Evil

With only a month left to go before the elections, you would think both candidates would be voicing their plans, telling this country where they plan to lead us and what they intend to do. Only one of the candidates is doing this.

The McCain campaign has decided instead, to step up their attacks on Barack Obama, a desperate move by a desperate man.

With the economy in the toilet, wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, a 20% approval rating of the current president (where we all know McCain stood with almost 100% of the time) and countless other issues, John McCain has decided to put all of that on the back burner and focus on the most important issue in his mind: smearing Barack Obama's good name.

I believe it is an outrage. I believe the polls will continue tipping in the direction of Barack Obama and Joe Biden and away from an angry old man and an inexperienced running mate, a cheap and insulting gimmick being used by the GOP.

The evildoers since September 11, 2001 have been right here in the USA. In Washington DC. On Wall St. One is a senator from Arizona and the other a governor from the meth capital of Alaska. One is from Texas. The connection between all of them? Their outlook, their beliefs, their old and failed strategies and ideas.

We don't need more of them in charge. We don't need more of them in general. We need to be bold and different and new. We need to take charge and do something extraordinary. We need to take our country back.

Next Week on MTV Cribs: John McCain

The idea that John McCain called Barack Obama an elitist is almost comical, in a sad, desperate sense.

The fact McCain even had the balls to say it is somewhat impressive... that is if you are impressed with greedy, self-righteous old men.

McCain calls Obama a celebrity though it just doesn't pan out. McCain's house that is currently for sale is straight out of an Ed McMahon special and his list of toys just shows who the real elitist is. Anyone who honestly believes Obama is the elitist should be shipped off to Wasilla, Alaska with John McCain, Sarah Palin and the rest of the ignorant, nonsensical and brain dead conservatives of this country. They have no business down here with the rest of us.

We don't need their lies, we don't need their rhetoric... we need change.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

The Crotchety Old Man

Need I say more?

Eyes on the Prize

With the next two debates lingering in the near future, what can we learn from the first two?

Obviously Democrats will say that Obama and Biden won and Republicans will say McCain and Palin won, but when you look at the facts it has been Obama and Biden.

They are both performing superior to their opponents and showing America more and more that they are the ones ready and able to take on the job. McCain and Palin are showing us more and more why they are not.

Biden did a wonderful job in the debate, remaining uncharacteristically relaxed the entire 90 minutes. According to a poll taken by CNN, 51% of debate watchers thought Biden did a better job while only 36% thought it was Palin. A solid difference.

87% percent of people watching the debate thought Joe Biden was qualified to be president. 46% thought Palin was qualified. And might I add it is absolutely an abomination that the number was so high for her. She is the worst choice possible for vice president... I just don't get it.

Obama and McCain will clash in their second debate this coming Tuesday in Memphis. Since the last debate, Obama has gained solid ground in numerous states, looking good in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. He needs to keep his cool composure on Tuesday and he should continue making headway.

The hope train is steamrolling across America, assuring voters that an Obama/Biden presidency will be a new America, a far cry from the last eight long and disappointing years. Many people believe this. More will Tuesday night.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Biden Delivers While Palin Quivers

I name Joe Biden the victor after the one and only VP debate.

Joe Biden delivered 35 years worth of experience, knowledge and insight with well thought out answers and a direct look into the future of an Obama/Biden presidency.

Biden spoke clearly about what he and Obama are looking to do and kept his short fuse at bay.

He actually answered the questions, go figure.

Sarah Palin on the other hand, couldn't answer anything. She stumbled through her responses and danced around the issues. Answering a question with a well thought out and honest answer is something Sarah Palin is unable to do. It was shown in her interviews with Gibson and Couric and again in this debate.

At times it felt like watching a professor debate a high school student, Biden sounding incredibly informed and educated while Palin sounded like a chipper and obnoxious teenager.

When it came to the war, Palin continued to declare, 'victory is in sight.' Using what magical binoculars that distort reality? Not only that, she smiled the entire time while speaking about the war in Iraq. To me that is insulting. She should know better having a child in the military.

The two don't stand on level grounds in the world of healthcare and Biden slammed Palin in regards to McCain's health care plan calling it, 'the ultimate bridge to nowhere.'

Palin stated that she believes in equal rights. Yeah right. Quite contradictory to what she said a little earlier in the debates about same sex relationships.

Palin attacked Obama's tax plans numerous times throughout the debate. The problem was her claims were all false. Biden finally called her out on it, telling everyone that it just isn't true. More lies from Palin.

Towards the end of the debate Biden blasted McCain for not being a maverick in the fields that matter most to Americans. Areas like education, healthcare and the war in Iraq.

People are sick of listening to Palin. People are tired of the hypocrisy. People are tired of her folksy gibberish, snide remarks, and piercing voice. She is nothing more than a gimmick and her appeal is quickly dissipating.

Joe Biden came out on top while remaining calm and cool throughout. Palin defended herself constantly by reminding us how she has executive experience and how she is Joe six-pack, the average American... maybe she didn't read the article about her disclosing that she is worth $1.2 million.

She is not a maverick. She is not a reformer. She is not an average American. Neither is John McCain. They both claim to be but they aren't. They do seem to think it's okay to lie though.

Joe Biden showed how he is more humble and average than either of his opponents while speaking about his experiences losing a child and wife, being a single parent and being a father of someone going overseas. He got choked up for a second and his eyes grew moist as tears tried escaping. It was a beautiful moment and showed a wonderfully different and caring side of Biden. His words trumped any of the scripted nonsense that spilled out of Palin's mouth.

Joe Biden won the debate hands down. The focus will bounce back to Barack Obama who debates McCain next Tuesday in Memphis, Tennessee (if Johnny boy decides not to cancel it in another feeble attempt at saving the economy). Biden did a great job to instill confidence in the eyes of voters. Obama will do the same next week and will prevail in the end.

McCain Tries Speaking & Fails Miserably

I'm not sure if McCain forgot his meds this morning, but what? What did he just say?

That was the most nonsensical rambling I have heard in ages. Not only didn't he answer the question, something he is quite good at, but he stumbled so far off topic that my brain started to hurt while I watched. That response could not have been any more wayward or idiotic.

Obviously he had to throw in that jab at Obama at the end. Of course. It wouldn't be a McCain answer if he didn't verbally attack his opponent.

It's not just insulting to Obama, it's insulting to everyone that hears the words escape his condescending and conniving mouth. At least when Obama takes a dig at McCain it is based on substance. McCain has no class.

Sarah 'Six-Pack' Palin: The Millionaire.

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Sarah Palin said that she is a normal American.

"Oh, I think they're just not used to someone coming in from the outside saying you know what? It's time that normal Joe six-pack American is finally represented in the position of vice presidency, and I think that that's kind of taken some people off guard, and they’re out of sorts, and they’re ticked off about it," Palin said to Hewitt.

We're not 'ticked' off because she is a 'Joe six-pack American' (which is absolute rubbish). We are pissed off because she has no business being where she is right now.

The idea that Governor Palin believes she is a normal American shows that she has no insight, no rationale and no decency.

A report was released yesterday showing how much Sarah six-pack is worth. Are you ready for this?

$1.2 million. Yeah, quite the normal American. I think that's the average household income in this country, no? Well McCain said that $5 million is where the middle class families are. This just shows how out of touch the two of them are.

Sarah... normal Americans don't shoot moose from helicopters. Normal Americans aren't worth $1.2 million. We don't own half million dollar lake homes with a floating plane docked out back. Normal Americans don't own two vacation retreats. We don't believe dinosaurs and humans shared the earth 4,000 years ago. Normal Americans can name what newspapers they read. We can also name some supreme court cases. Normal Americans don't name their kids Track, Trig, Willow, Bristol and Piper. Normal Americans believe in civil liberties and individual rights. Normal Americans don't preach abstinence and then force their slutty teenage daughter into marriage after they're knocked up. Normal Americans don't believe they have foreign policy experience because their state rests close to a foreign land.

The only person who might be more out of touch than Sarah Palin is John McCain.

Tonight should be interesting when she takes on a man who is foreign policy, Joe Biden.

The next five weeks will be a madhouse and I am excited to watch Obama and Biden keep running with it, all the way to the White House.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

McCain Upset He Didn't Save the Economy

John McCain spoke in Iowa yesterday covering a wide range of topics.

"Failure of congress to act yesterday.. it's just not acceptable."

McCain is clearly upset that he wasn't labeled the hero of the financial crisis he set out to be when halting his campaign last week.

"We have people who are trying to buy a car that can't get a loan."

John McCain has so many cars and homes and other insane toys and amenities that he should be forbidden to say such things. Why don't you give them the loan John? You have deep pockets. I hope your mansion in Phoenix sells for a pretty penny. What will you do with one less house? I shudder to think.

"It's like 4% of Americans feel the country is on the right track."

Yeah John, and you have gotten us to this point. You and Bush and all of the nonsense the two of you have stood for and voted for the past eight years. John is one of the 4%. So is Bush... and Palin... and probably Karl Rove.

I'd hate to have my name associated with them.

Obama Takes the Lead in Three Huge States

Barack Obama has taken the lead in three incredibly crucial states just 5 weeks from the election.

68 of the necessary 270 electoral votes up for grabs in this election come from Ohio, Pennsylvania and Florida. Obama was either tied or trailing John McCain in these three states until new polls today revealed Obama scooting past the crotchety old man.

The polls show Obama has taken solid leads in all three states. Florida 51 to 43 percent, Ohio 50 percent to 42 percent and Pennsylvania 54 percent to 39 percent.

Clearly, this is wonderful news and Obama has to continue growing these margins and create some more wiggle room. The VP debate tomorrow night between Joe Biden and Sarah Palin should sway voters as well. In which direction, we shall see... but I'm guessing towards the boys in blue.

No republican has ever won office without winning Ohio. Not something to take for granted. Obama has to keep up his calm, cool and collective self in the next 5 weeks, something I'm not too worried about.

Especially with all of the help he gets from McCain and Palin whose mouths are digging a hole too deep for them to escape.

Country First?

Country first. A McCain standard. Excuse me while I barf.

Something I have heard him utter countless times throughout this circus that is the presidential campaign.

John McCain really believes he puts his country first and to me, that is really scary. Does anyone believe he'd pass a polygraph if asked about his choice of Sarah Palin as running mate? That choice was the most selfish pick in the entire world and the only thing going through John McCain's head when he picked her was, John McCain.

Obviously chosen to woo over the Clinton voters and women everywhere, the choice of Palin is an insult to all of us. The more she speaks the more insane she becomes.

With very limited access to Governor Palin, we have to base most on what we know of her from interviews with Charles Gibson and Katie Couric. Thus far however, she has given us nothing but pure gibberish, random words from different phrases she was meant to memorize combined into an incoherent marathon of idiocy.

She can't name any supreme court decisions besides Roe v. Wade. She can't name a single source of news that she regularly read before receiving the beckoning from the old man. She couldn't give one example of McCain playing a role in deregulation and she doesn't know what the Bush Doctrine is.

Not to mention the video of her from a few months back asking exactly what it was that a VP does all day.

There are loads of other things I could mention about Palin right now and that number will grow with each interview or statement she makes. Thursday night against Biden should be a great source.

McCain Selling One of His Mansions

John McCain just announced that he is selling one of his homes. A 13 bedroom mansion in Phoenix, Arizona. McCain attacks Obama for being a celebrity but this one of a dozen or so homes he owns is straight out of MTV Cribs.

Yeah, Obama is real elitist with his 1 house, 1 car and 1 bicycle.

McCain couldn't be any more out of touch with Joe and Susie American. He is a dangerous man with an even more dangerous running mate. You can bet your bottom dollar that if they win this election, the state of this country right now would feel zen-like in comparison to 2012.