Sunday, October 12, 2008

100 Days and Counting!

These might be the most exciting 100 days in American history.

With only 100 days left before George W. Bush is no longer president, people everywhere can go to bed every night smiling, knowing that the following morning will be closer and closer to a Bushless America.

George W. Bush's approval rating is hovering around 20%... a staggering 86% of Americans believe this country is in really bad shape. Only 10% think things are alright.

After taking on a country with a booming economy and surplus, Bush was able to completely wipe that all away, taking this country backwards instead of forwards while doing so. Since his inauguration in 2000 we have seen 9/11, two wars that won't end, Katrina (and the lack of government response), destruction of a surplus, creation of a monstrous deficit and a financial crisis that is spreading around the world faster than fire and threatening the demise of business as we know it. Great resume George.

If there is one thing we can be happy about, it's the prospects of an Obama presidency. Time is dwindling down and the gap in the polls continues to widen by the day. Obama remains cool, calm and collected while McCain has become increasingly more desperate and dangerous.

Americans are smart (for the most part) and we know what we need. Obviously there will always me some idiots out there... remember, 10% of people think the USA is doing great... but don't fret... good will overcome bad and Obama will win this election.

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jony said...

McCain no longer believes in our victory! Perhaps he is trying to finally hurt Obama. In many of his speeches have a lot of loud words and little meaning. Splitting of speeches for analysis:
No new statements and show it does not save from defeat!