Sunday, October 26, 2008

Alaska's Biggest Paper Endorses Obama

Well how about them apples?

The Anchorage Daily News has just announced it's endorsement of Barack Obama. Sounds a little strange that the biggest newspaper in Alaska would go against its own Sarah Palin, but it just goes to show that being the most popular governor really doesn't mean squat in the national and international spotlight.

Every day that passes, another thread from the McCain sweater comes loose. There are countless fingers being pointed at countless different people, blaming the demise of the McCain Campaign on anyone and everyone.

As the GOP becomes further divided in what appears to be the beginning of the end for the republican party, the blame game is the last thing in the world they should be concerned about as their chances for presidency slips completely out of their grasp. Sarah Palin is thinking more about her chances of running for presidency in 2012 than she is thinking about the situation at hand. That was made clear the other day when she incorrectly answered a 3rd grader's question about the responsibilities of a vice president. She has had months to learn that answer and still is clueless.

Part of me, maybe .01%, feels bad for her. She is being torn apart by everyone in the country. She is the main reason for the fall of McCain. Who's to blame? A lot of people. But the man atop the ticket is where to place the most blame. John McCain had one of the biggest shovels in digging the hole that will eventually swallow the GOP. There were so many more qualified people he could have chosen. He walked the selfish path. He decided to put John McCain first, not the country.

Not only did John McCain pick Sarah Palin, he still believes she is the best choice. The most qualified choice. The best thing to happen to America. Well John, it's too bad we pick the president and not you. Because we see through the transparency of your campaign and we know you care more about yourself than your country. Hence, a gigantic shift in the polls towards Obama.

You had a great and patriotic life. You served your country well. But that doesn't mean you should be in charge. No sir.

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