Thursday, October 2, 2008

Biden Delivers While Palin Quivers

I name Joe Biden the victor after the one and only VP debate.

Joe Biden delivered 35 years worth of experience, knowledge and insight with well thought out answers and a direct look into the future of an Obama/Biden presidency.

Biden spoke clearly about what he and Obama are looking to do and kept his short fuse at bay.

He actually answered the questions, go figure.

Sarah Palin on the other hand, couldn't answer anything. She stumbled through her responses and danced around the issues. Answering a question with a well thought out and honest answer is something Sarah Palin is unable to do. It was shown in her interviews with Gibson and Couric and again in this debate.

At times it felt like watching a professor debate a high school student, Biden sounding incredibly informed and educated while Palin sounded like a chipper and obnoxious teenager.

When it came to the war, Palin continued to declare, 'victory is in sight.' Using what magical binoculars that distort reality? Not only that, she smiled the entire time while speaking about the war in Iraq. To me that is insulting. She should know better having a child in the military.

The two don't stand on level grounds in the world of healthcare and Biden slammed Palin in regards to McCain's health care plan calling it, 'the ultimate bridge to nowhere.'

Palin stated that she believes in equal rights. Yeah right. Quite contradictory to what she said a little earlier in the debates about same sex relationships.

Palin attacked Obama's tax plans numerous times throughout the debate. The problem was her claims were all false. Biden finally called her out on it, telling everyone that it just isn't true. More lies from Palin.

Towards the end of the debate Biden blasted McCain for not being a maverick in the fields that matter most to Americans. Areas like education, healthcare and the war in Iraq.

People are sick of listening to Palin. People are tired of the hypocrisy. People are tired of her folksy gibberish, snide remarks, and piercing voice. She is nothing more than a gimmick and her appeal is quickly dissipating.

Joe Biden came out on top while remaining calm and cool throughout. Palin defended herself constantly by reminding us how she has executive experience and how she is Joe six-pack, the average American... maybe she didn't read the article about her disclosing that she is worth $1.2 million.

She is not a maverick. She is not a reformer. She is not an average American. Neither is John McCain. They both claim to be but they aren't. They do seem to think it's okay to lie though.

Joe Biden showed how he is more humble and average than either of his opponents while speaking about his experiences losing a child and wife, being a single parent and being a father of someone going overseas. He got choked up for a second and his eyes grew moist as tears tried escaping. It was a beautiful moment and showed a wonderfully different and caring side of Biden. His words trumped any of the scripted nonsense that spilled out of Palin's mouth.

Joe Biden won the debate hands down. The focus will bounce back to Barack Obama who debates McCain next Tuesday in Memphis, Tennessee (if Johnny boy decides not to cancel it in another feeble attempt at saving the economy). Biden did a great job to instill confidence in the eyes of voters. Obama will do the same next week and will prevail in the end.


Bluebear2 said...


I came here via Huff-Po.

Nice looking place you have here - keep up the good work.

Being a hippie since the 60's it's great to see young people still associating with the "movement". (The right word isn't coming to me right now)

You're a stronger man than I am - it sounds like you made it all the way through the debate - I could only take about 15 minutes.


argonette said...

Maybe Sarah brought him a present from Wasilla...