Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Bullwinkle Endorses Barack Obama

After a very long wait, Bullwinkle has finally gone public with his endorsement of Barack Obama.

This is huge with less than a week remaining before election day. The McCain campaign (especially Sarah Palin) have been fearing this day for quite some time now.

Bullwinkle represents all moose all over the country. By being the lead moose, he also has quite a bit of pull with the rest of the animal kingdom. Seeing as how all humans are indeed animals, Bullwinkle's public endorsement of Obama will be sure to sway many of the undecided voters out there and quite possibly, change many Republican minds.

The moose himself was not available for comment due to an increasingly busy schedule, but a Bullwinkle spokesmen said that his official statement was,

"Two antlers up for Obama."

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