Monday, October 6, 2008

Down and Down We Go

Despite the house passing a bailout with a $700 billion price tag, it is predicted that bank failures are almost imminent in the next year.

Come again?

So after a bailout of such astronomical proportions expert economists think banks will continue failing due to gigantic losses on sketchy home loans. The bill has passed... will it do anything to stable our shaky economy?

I believe the bailout will just mask the problem for a bit. Sure it will save some banks and financial institutions ready to fold, but overall it will be like putting on a band-aid when you should have gotten stitches.

The country will feel this for a long time, regardless of who wins the election. We can only hope that it will be Barack Obama so we can finally put an end to the same principles and ideas that have incessantly plagued our great country for the past eight years.

Who knows what will happen? That is a very easy question to ask but impossible to answer. We'll have to wait and see. That's life. But what we can do is wake up and stop thinking more of the same is what we need to get out of this deep hole. It's the last thing we need. We need change.

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ilovemydoggy said...

We need to stop relaying on so-called "leaders", that's for sure.

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