Saturday, October 4, 2008

Eyes on the Prize

With the next two debates lingering in the near future, what can we learn from the first two?

Obviously Democrats will say that Obama and Biden won and Republicans will say McCain and Palin won, but when you look at the facts it has been Obama and Biden.

They are both performing superior to their opponents and showing America more and more that they are the ones ready and able to take on the job. McCain and Palin are showing us more and more why they are not.

Biden did a wonderful job in the debate, remaining uncharacteristically relaxed the entire 90 minutes. According to a poll taken by CNN, 51% of debate watchers thought Biden did a better job while only 36% thought it was Palin. A solid difference.

87% percent of people watching the debate thought Joe Biden was qualified to be president. 46% thought Palin was qualified. And might I add it is absolutely an abomination that the number was so high for her. She is the worst choice possible for vice president... I just don't get it.

Obama and McCain will clash in their second debate this coming Tuesday in Memphis. Since the last debate, Obama has gained solid ground in numerous states, looking good in Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Hampshire. He needs to keep his cool composure on Tuesday and he should continue making headway.

The hope train is steamrolling across America, assuring voters that an Obama/Biden presidency will be a new America, a far cry from the last eight long and disappointing years. Many people believe this. More will Tuesday night.

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