Friday, October 24, 2008

The McCain Trail of Desperation

I feel like the United States of America has become an insane asylum in the past two months.

John McCain, Sarah Palin, and all of their supporters are like a huge epidemic of addicts that just poured into the doors of a loony bin. McCain and Palin are the spokesmen for these closed-minded and selfish people. Barack Obama is in charge of the asylum and all of his supporters are like nurses and security guards for these people seeking whatever drug it is to keep them sane . . money, oil, land, god, taking away people's civil liberties . . who knows... anyway, all of these McCain and Palinites are running around like chickens with their heads cut off, saying anything they can possibly say to hurt Barack Obama and all of the good he stands for . . . as if playing by the theory, if you throw a lot of shit against the wall, some will eventually stick . . . not this time. I picture all of these crazy people running to different nurses and guards, giving them all of these crazy, made-up, flip-flopping stories just to score a little more.

"Bill Ayers!" screams a patient.

"Nobody cares about that," says a nurse.

"He is Arab!" shouts another patient.

"No, he was born in Hawaii ma'am," says a guard.

"He is a terrorist!" screams another patient.

"No, he isn't. Why don't you go get some rest," says another nurse.

Come on people! These are the only "arguments" McCain supporters have! I don't hear McCain supporters argue for his stance on health care or what he'll do for the middle class do you?
All they do is shout out the things they hear the most and read in the headlines. These people need to actually read the collection of smaller words below the big bold ones up top and start educating themselves on the REAL issues.

It makes me wonder about Ashley Todd, the psychotic girl from Texas who claimed she was assaulted by an Obama supporter. She told police a black guy carved a backwards 'B' into her face for supporting John McCain. Turns out it was all a hoax and the 'B' was backwards because she carved it into her own face in a mirror. Gee, I wonder if race had anything to do with this. McCain, kiss your chances for presidency goodbye.

They are incredibly desperate now that the end is in sight. They can see whatever drug it is they want so badly will soon be gone and they're panicking. It is actually a pretty sad sight. But it feels really good to sit back and watch.


Anonymous said...

Grant, I will give you what you are looking for:

1) I am voting for McCain because in economic times like these, raising taxes on anyone is a terrible idea. The fact that he also wants to raise Capital Gains taxes will only further our recession as investors will not re-invest money into the market to speed its recovery because the money they earn coming out will be taxed at such a high rate that it is not worth the risk. Raising taxes on corporations will only raise prices on every item they sell...saying that he isn't raising my taxes is an insult to my intelligence by Barack Obama. Corporations don't pay taxes, they just pass the increase onto the consumer which is me, you and everyone else in this country. The companies that don't do that are the ones who will also move off shore thus creating more job loss.

2) A windfall profits tax was tried before (1977 It created rationing and higher prices at the pump, this is exactly what we do not need right now in this country.

3) "Spreading the wealth around" does not appeal to me...AT ALL. I do not make more than 125K a year, but I also don't think it is fair to punish (and it would be PUNISHING) someone for being successful. They work hard and make good money, why should they pay MORE of the tax burden when they already pay (the highest 20% pay over 75% of the taxes in this country) I also don't believe that we should send a check to the 55 Million Americans who don't pay any taxes simply for breathing, That is not fair to the people who get up every day and go to work.

4. I believe John McCain has a better sense of what is needed in national security than Barack Obama, he has more experience in every aspect of foreign policy.

5. I HATE the bailout and I think it is a terrible idea, I also really dislike his mortgage plan (McCain's)

6. I believe McCain's health care policy is a much better plan than Obama's simply because it keeps the policy in the hands of the consumer and not the people who run the DMV. I have read numerous articles about lines in Canada and Britain with their socialized health care. People cannot get surgeries because Bureaucrats do not think it is necessary. Their are numerous cases of people dying while waiting for medical care. ( McCain's plan is not perfect, but it starts to get US health care more into the private sector (creating competition, which in turn drives rates down). People getting a tax credit after purchasing health insurance with their own money would encourage people to buy it while not forcing them, it would also help small businesses create health care plans that are affordable for them and their employee's while. Moving Health Care to the private sector and away from government is the solution. Whenever government gets involved that is when problems arise (see Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac causing the economic downturn in this country these past few months).

7. I fear that if their is a super-majority the Democrats will try to re-enact the Fairness Doctrine, which is a terrible law for Liberals and Conservatives alike, it would be a move to try and silence dissenting view's in our nation which is not what the country was founded upon.

8. I could care less about Bill Ayers, Wright, What Barack's middle name is and the fact that his wife was never proud of America in her adult life until recently. That does not matter to me as a conservative.

But numbers 1-6 are why I am voting for John McCain. I understand why people like Barack, I really do...I am just not one of them.

Keep it real Grant, look forward to running into you sometime (Rochester for Thanksgiving?)

-Dustin Wasserman

Grant Lingel said...

I will be in Rochester for Christmas... not Thanksgiving.. so I'm sure I'll bump into you. I appreciate a McCain supporter FINALLY telling me why they are voting for McCain (you are the first)... I still don't agree with you but mazel tov for being the only damn McCain supporter who at least has an argument..