Wednesday, October 22, 2008

McCain is Failin With Palin

If today's interview with John McCain and Sarah Palin doesn't finally sink their already sinking ship of hate, I don't know what will.

Brian Williams interviewed the two together from Akron, Ohio and I am absolutely astonished that the two of them get away with the things they say.

When asked about Joe Biden's comment about a new president being tested and the McCain camp's attack on his words, John McCain said that if he were elected, he wouldn't be tested because they know him and he has already been tested. First of all, who is they? Everyone else in the world? Or just the evildoers who would possibly do something to test America? If that's so, wouldn't John McCain be the one pallin' around with terrorists if they already know him? It's absolutely absurd.

When asked about Colin Powell's endorsement of Barack Obama, McCain said that Powell must not have been aware of Palin's record. Right.

He said that she is a reformer and she fought corruption in Alaska. Fought corruption? Hmm.. Troopergate? $20,000+ in Joe the Plumber and Sally the Eskimo's taxpayer money in travel expenses for her uninvited litter of children? Did we forget about these things? No, we didn't.

Brace yourself, John McCain went as far to say in a desperate and feeble attempt to defend his selfish and idiotic choice of Sarah Palin that she is the most qualified vice presidential candidate we've had in years! Years!!

If this is so why are Sarah Palin's poll numbers in the toilet. The overall argument is that she has destroyed McCain's chances. She is viewed as a more destructive link to McCain than George W. Bush.

Palin has gotten herself in some trouble lately with her ignorant remarks of 'real America' and places that are 'pro America.' She has recently referred to Barack Obama as Barack the wealth spreader.

Funny, the GOP has spent $150,000 on Sarah Palin's clothing. Pretty pricey considering the state of our economy and how she is your average Joe six-pack hockey mom and all.

I don't even want to get into the robocalls and how pathetic and desperate they are.

The two of them are the ultimate odd couple who fail at ad-libbing and can't feed off each other to save their lives. The chemistry between them is absolutely non-existent.

She thinks she'll run the Senate and run around with all the boys and girls over there and make changes here and there. She truly believes she'll have all of this crazy power. You can't just pull up the Constitution on the vice presidential laptop and make changes where you see fit. Remember, it was only a few months back when Palin asked what it was that a vice president does everyday.

I am dying to hear a question be finally answered. Really, it would be so nice to hear. Every question thrown at them is dodged left and right and automatically spun into an attack on Obama and some nonsensical stump speech that has most likely been fact-checked to be false. They don't answer questions, ever. It's fascinating but also scary.

Thirteen more days and this circus will finally be over. I'm confident that Americans will make the right choice and vote for something new, different, intelligent and ready to change this country and fix the absolute disaster from Hurricane Bush. Think of Barack Obama as a sunny day and John McCain as a Category 5 hurricane. Sarah Palin is the storm in The Day After Tomorrow.

Vote for change. Vote for Obama.


A bird in the hand said...

Grant, that comment about being tested has been so distorted as to becom unrecognizable. McCain seems to think it means "passing a test" or something, but the way I understand it, is that it doesn't matter WHO becomes president because that person will be tested, given the huge mess they will inherit. Lord, I'm so weary of these two twisting everything or not having enough intelligence to understand what's being said.

Alexis Mei said...

Awesome blog. I enjoyed reading your posts. Best regards.

Keila said...

Great Blog. A friend tipped me off and I'm glad she did. Keep posting!!!

DustinWasserman said...

Alright Grant, I understand you believe what you believe and your going to vote for who you are going to vote for, thats fine with me.

I do however take exception (well, I take exception to most of this, but I will keep my response to two comments and go from there) to two things:

1). Palin getting 150K in clothes from privately raised money in the GOP is none of our business, plus she is donating or returning the clothes after the election. She is a woman who shops at consignment places in Alaska and if she did not have the clothes she has you would have been ripping her for not wearing enough classy outfits etc. We should all be happy that the GOP is still spending money in this economy, keeping it going and spreading the wealth around.

2). EVERY governor gets a travel fund for them and their families when the 'first family' is expected to be somewhere. In Alaska she has saved the state over 400,000 dollars by selling the Governors jet and flying commercially to all of the events the 'first family' is expected to go to.

have a nice day.

Grant Lingel said...

yeah dusty... because they don't have fifth avenue shops in wasilla.. they only have consignment shops

Grant Lingel said...

and in case you hadn't read... the jet was sold at a loss.

hope all is well and you're reppin the BILLS out in the midwest. give your family my best