Wednesday, October 29, 2008

John McCain On Very Thin Ice

Over the past few months, it has been very common to hear rumors floating around about all of the candidates running for office.

The McCain campaign has tried desperately and incessantly to paint Barack Obama in a poor light. There have been countless references to Bill Ayers (who McCain said in the third debate was some washed up old terrorist he didn't care about), attempts to link him to ACORN (nobody cares), attacks on his faith, his relationships and his character.

McCain released a new ad today showing Obama's face floating in front of images of Iran and Ahmadinejad. They talk about Obama's plan to speak without 'preconditions,' another thing that only McCain and Palin care about. I can smell the desperation from here in Harlem.

The whole time Obama has stood strong, completely cool and collected while McCain bounces around like a tennis ball on issues . . . back and forth, back and forth.

What McCain has done consistently throughout his campaign is lie repeatedly to the American people. He still stands by the slogan, Country First, which is the biggest lie of all. It has and always will be John McCain first in his mind.

He has said numerous times that he can fix this country. His examples have been thin and transparent, almost humorous if the consequences weren't so grave. "I can find Osama Bin Laden my friends" and "I can fix the economy, no problem."

Today he said, "I'll get every American a job." Boy oh boy, it seems John McCain can do everything! Maybe he'll go up into the sky and fix the ozone. And after that he can cure AIDS and cancer.

Think about how many homeless people there are in this country... do you really think John McCain cares at all about homeless people? Doubtful. He wants to give tax cuts to oil companies. Not something someone who cares about the poor and middle class would do.

Seeing as how the poor and middle class make up almost all Americans, that's a pretty bad sign for Johnny Boy.

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