Friday, October 10, 2008

Maybe Not A Great Depression, But A Damn Good One

I wish I had a sled, because that drop looks steep.

With the Dow Jones dropping almost 700 points in the opening minutes of trade today, after dropping 700 yesterday, the question on everybody's mind is, will this ever stop?

Of course I can't answer this question... I'm no economist... I'm surely not clairvoyant.

But what I can do is vote for something different in a few weeks. I can easily do that. So can you. We can all get together and vote for a new, fresh face with new ideas. Someone who will actually put the country first instead of talk about it all the time. Someone who hasn't been swinging from George W. Bush's every word for the past eight years. Someone who hasn't been following the same failed ideas and policies for the past three decades in office.

We need a change before it's too late. This is our last chance.

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