Friday, October 10, 2008

Boys in Blue Taking Charge

John McCain continued what has become a hate-filled and despicable campaign with a rally today in Wisconsin.

Again, people screamed out 'traitor' while McCain attempted to slam Obama on tax policy. While these hicks hooted and hollered about Obama being a traitor, McCain smiled like a fool, only encouraging these hate-mongers to continue with their low class behavior.

On top of that, McCain's argument was something that has been debunked. So McCain is lying... big surprise. He continues not talking about the economic crisis while instead concentrating all of his efforts on mudslinging.

For those of you out there unaware... here are the latest polls from some of the more popular outlets.

Gallup: Obama/Biden 51%, McCain/Palin 41%
Pollster: Obama/Biden 49%, McCain/Palin 41%
RCP: Obama/Biden 49%, McCain/Palin 42%
CBS: Obama/Biden 47%, McCain/Palin 43%
ABC: Obama/Biden 50%, McCain/Palin 46%
NBC: Obama/Biden 49%, McCain/Palin 43%
FOX: Obama/Biden 45%, McCain/Palin 39%
CNN: Obama/Biden 53%, McCain/Palin 45%

So go ahead John McCain... continue your strategy. Talk about Barack Obama. Have your disgrace of a running mate Sarah Palin stir up more hateful rallies... it won't work. As you can see from the polls.

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