Thursday, October 30, 2008

McCain Stood Up By Joe The Plumber

Beep beep, coming through... time for the rubberneckers to glance out their windows and witness yet another McCain campaign train wreck.

Last night when Barack Obama had Bill Clinton on stage with him, John McCain couldn't even get Joe The Plumber to stay be his side... McCain introduced a non-existent Joe The Plumber to the crowd and after awkward silence and no Joe, he announced they were all Joe The Plumbers. The real Joe was probably out back working on his country music record deal or necking with Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

The closer it gets to Election Day, the happier I get. I am tired of this nonsense. The country is in a terrible place right now and while Barack Obama is laying out his plan to help pull us out of the gigantic hole we're in, John McCain is still only talking about a few things... Joe The Plumber, Bill Ayers and now Obama's link to a Columbia University professor, Rashid Khalidi (a man McCain also has ties to). This is John McCain doing what he does best, smearing names and running a negative campaign.

Just give up John. Give up Sarah. You guys are the last two on the sinking ship... either drown or save yourselves. Actually, go ahead and drown.

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inthematrix said...

The McCalin campaign has truly turned out to be one big parody!