Thursday, October 2, 2008

Sarah 'Six-Pack' Palin: The Millionaire.

In an interview with Hugh Hewitt, Sarah Palin said that she is a normal American.

"Oh, I think they're just not used to someone coming in from the outside saying you know what? It's time that normal Joe six-pack American is finally represented in the position of vice presidency, and I think that that's kind of taken some people off guard, and they’re out of sorts, and they’re ticked off about it," Palin said to Hewitt.

We're not 'ticked' off because she is a 'Joe six-pack American' (which is absolute rubbish). We are pissed off because she has no business being where she is right now.

The idea that Governor Palin believes she is a normal American shows that she has no insight, no rationale and no decency.

A report was released yesterday showing how much Sarah six-pack is worth. Are you ready for this?

$1.2 million. Yeah, quite the normal American. I think that's the average household income in this country, no? Well McCain said that $5 million is where the middle class families are. This just shows how out of touch the two of them are.

Sarah... normal Americans don't shoot moose from helicopters. Normal Americans aren't worth $1.2 million. We don't own half million dollar lake homes with a floating plane docked out back. Normal Americans don't own two vacation retreats. We don't believe dinosaurs and humans shared the earth 4,000 years ago. Normal Americans can name what newspapers they read. We can also name some supreme court cases. Normal Americans don't name their kids Track, Trig, Willow, Bristol and Piper. Normal Americans believe in civil liberties and individual rights. Normal Americans don't preach abstinence and then force their slutty teenage daughter into marriage after they're knocked up. Normal Americans don't believe they have foreign policy experience because their state rests close to a foreign land.

The only person who might be more out of touch than Sarah Palin is John McCain.

Tonight should be interesting when she takes on a man who is foreign policy, Joe Biden.

The next five weeks will be a madhouse and I am excited to watch Obama and Biden keep running with it, all the way to the White House.


andrea said...

Hi Grant,
Excellent rebuttals and scathing commentary on Palin's delusional view of herself.
I don't know much about the rules on referencing a blog, or quoting passages from one and wanted to ask you if it is okay to send a few paragraphs of your Sarah Palin article to my friends, cited properly with the link to your blog?
Just so they get a taste and are inspired to visit themselves? If not, that's okay as I know enough to know that copyright stuff is very tricky and I don't want to infringe on anyone.
Thanks for considering this comment/question.
Andrea (

Grant Lingel said...

Do whatever your heart desires Andrea! Thanks for stopping by.

kyria29 said...

Grant, I'm a woman, but am horrified at the thought of a Palin Presidency. I'm supposed to like her because she's stupid? Excuse me? When is the press going to catch on to the fact that her husband was running the governor's office, not her and that's why she couldn't remember that her office recently objected to the Supreme Court's Exxon Valdez decision?