Friday, October 24, 2008

Still Your Average Hockey Mom (if your son is Wayne Gretzky)

When asked about the ungodly amount of money spent on clothing and make-up, Sarah Palin had this to offer, "Oh if people only knew how frugal we are."

Frugal? Is that what you crazy meth addicts from Wasilla are calling it these days? I suppose we learned a few different words for that down in the lower 48, Hawaii and parts of Alaska that have the ability to think for themselves . . . corrupt, dishonest, self-righteous, pathetic, incompetent . . . I can honestly go on forever so I'll stop with this one . . . dangerous.

I have always known the word 'frugal' to mean someone who is very careful with his or her money and don't spend in excess. Seeing as how the Palins have multiple properties, cars, snow-mobiles, a small plane and over four times the average American salary on clothing, I wouldn't put that word 'frugal' in the same sentence as Palin.

I'm still having trouble grasping how some people support her. It is unreal. She is the most destructive aspect of the McCain campaign and not only do they not see that, they believe the complete opposite. McCain thinks of Palin as the most qualified VP choice in years and that she is the best thing to happen to America.

McCain keeps saying how she is the most popular governor. Who cares? How many people in this country can actually name 10 different governors anyway? I'd be willing to bet very few. And who cares if she is popular? McCain is so proud that she is so damn popular in Alaska. She is the attractive, mean girl from high school that all the boys liked. She was popular. Like she was as governor. Just because a majority of the boys in Alaska would like to see her naked doesn't mean she would make a good president. She has already been exposed as incompetent, corrupt, and frankly, very unintelligent. Eliot Spitzer was popular and look what happened to him. Popularity isn't the important thing here folks, it's the person beneath the facade. You take away all of the advisers pumping information into Sarah Palin's ears around the clock and you'll be left with a hollow, attractive shell of ignorance and stupidity. Anyone can repeat words that are stuffed down their throat.

Open your eyes people. McCain = Bush = Palin = 4 more years of the last 8.

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