Friday, October 31, 2008

Twins Two: Starring McCain and Schwarzenegger

Where do I even begin?

First off, the idea of Arnold Schwarzenegger jabbing at Obama's "scrawny arms" and "chicken legs" is absolutely elementary and ludicrous. The fact that Barack Obama is lean is of no importance to anything going on in the world right now. Not to mention John McCain's old and beat, 72 year old body which I shudder to think about.

John McCain has been taking shots at Obama's 'celebrity' status but is now he is desperately campaigning with Hank Williams Jr. and the Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger. McCain would attack Obama like a madman if Brad Pitt and Lenny Kravetz where out campaigning with him in these last few days.

No one was there to see the Governor of California, they were there to see the Terminator.

Aaaahnald attacked Obama about the money he has raised campaigning and how in a recession, that money could have gone to better things. Remember Arnold, and every other desperate Republican out there, that money was DONATED to Barack Obama by the American people. The thing is, Obama has had so many people donating over and over, small amounts whenever they could because they really believe. It grows a lot when you have tons of supporters. I am sure Arnold Schwarzenegger has donating a hefty sum of money to John McCain. Barack has more supporters, more supporters means more money. That's why he is winning, because of his gigantic following.

John McCain stepped in and thanked the Terminator, calling him a 'true American hero.' Unlikely seeing as how he is Austrian. And half the morons in the crowd are people accusing Obama of not being American and questioning the authenticity of his birth certificate. When an Austrian man who followed his American dream rallies up a bunch of ignorant idiots in an arena while shooting down an American man following his American dream to become president, my head starts to hurt. The hypocrisy and absolute ridiculousness of the McCain campaign is overwhelming.

The Governator also pointed out that John McCain was serving his country as a POW longer than Obama has been in the Senate. Who cares? That is so incredibly irrelevant and doesn't make him more qualified at all. These Republicans are desperate with the last hours ticking away. McCain needs a lot more than Arnold Schwarzenegger and his lame, thin attacks on Obama that will be fact-checked to death. He needs a miracle.

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