Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Children's Movies are for Children!

This is in response to the November 10th, 2008 posting on The Marquee Blog on CNN run by Entertainment Producer Todd Leopold.

Am I getting something wrong here? Is this guy complaining that children's movies have lousy scripts? Is he saying Pixar and Disney are just pumping movies out as quickly as possible to make a buck?

Well, to simply answer your question about why scripts for kid's movies are sub-par . . . they are for kids! Are you really that influenced by what a few critics say? Some of the greatest films of all time were destroyed by critics. And again, we are talking family/children films. You get a group of children to be critics for something like Madagascar and there will be thumbs up all over the place.

Put a child in front of a television playing a movie like The Usual Suspects or Shawshank Redemption and they'll have no idea what the hell is going on.

Children's movies are unique. They are special and create worlds that inspire young children to dream and think and be creative. I remember with only the fondest of memories my childhood and my obsession with great films like Aladdin, The Lion King and The Little Mermaid.

These films aren't meant to be enjoyed by all adults. Clearly, some will absolutely have a great time at the cinema with their children watching something silly like Ice Age and others won't. It doesn't mean that it is a bad film.

But the question here is why does it matter if the scripts aren't Oscar worthy? Who cares? Definitely not the children because they'll drag you back to the same silly film a dozen times before having you buy them a copy on DVD.

People are thinking too much these days. Let the kid movies be for the kids and if you're unhappy with the scripts and the dialogue of a movie made for children, go see something more suitable for your age. Don't complain and rain all over millions of childrens parades by saying their movies are lame. That my friend is lame.

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