Friday, November 14, 2008

Election Withdrawal? Hardly.

This past election seemed at times as if it would never end. Month after month ticked by and the fight continued on televisions in living rooms across the nation and world.

Now there are no more robocalls. No more, 'and I approve this message' commericals. No more debates and no more polls. It couldn't make me happier that this election has come to an end and that we made the right choice by electing Barack Obama.

The election may be over but Bush is still in the White House and Sarah Palin is still on my television. I will be unable to fully relax and enjoy the Obama victory until January 20th when he is sworn in as our 44th president. Until that day we still have a Dick and a Bush in charge.
This past election was more of a circus than anything. The McCain campaign stooped to every low possible in order to make up lost ground. Never happened. McCain's selfish ways completely derailed the GOP. They don't know what to do now and some are speculating that Palin will be on top of their ticket in four years. Ha!

Putting Sarah Palin on top of the ticket in 2012 would be like driving that final nail into a coffin. If the GOP thinks they are in bad shape now, wait until Palin is in charge. Who the hell knows who she'd run with. Elisabeth Hasselbeck? Joe the Plumber?

This election won't be over in my mind until President-Elect Obama drops the elect and moves into the White House.

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