Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Happiest 24 Hours On Earth

Last night something amazing happened. The world stood together as one and celebrated something special and historical beyond any of our understanding. You couldn't help but tear up listening to his beautiful victory speech, something our grandchildren will be learning about in grammar school.

Hopeful and inspired eyes from all around the globe, countries near and far, were glued to the television all night before taking to the streets in celebration. Pictures are flooding the papers and Internet of excited and merry citizens of earth, watching and rejoicing together in the most united you've seen the world in a long time, if ever.

It was an election that not only captivated Americans, but all nations. Last night the world witnessed together a major step in the direction necessary to make this planet a happy one.

Sure, you are going to hear some people spewing hate and spreading fear as a result of their inability to cope with defeat, but what we must do now is try to reason with them. Fighting is not the answer. Unity is the glue necessary to patch up a country divided.

People from all over the world came together last night as they watched Barack Obama win the presidential election. We must do the same. We can't fuss. We must stick together and move forward or we'll never go anywhere.

I honestly believe that Barack Obama is exactly what we need right now. But what skeptics need to understand, and I think this is something all Obama supporters believe, is that change is not going to happen overnight. Never has Barack Obama said this was going to be quick and easy. It is going to take a while. It is going to take all Americans working together in harmony under the leadership of a man who is competent, capable and caring.

Last night was arguably the most important night in American history. The election is over but the time for change is now. We must get to work as a whole. We must work together in America as well as abroad. This is more than a domestic issue. It is global and if we work together there is no telling what we can achieve. Look how far we've come. Just think of what we can do as one.

24 hours have passed since the day the world shed a happy tear and smiled together. We must harness this positive energy we're feeling now and use it to start the healing. We can do it.

Yes we can.

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