Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sarah Palin's Future

Once the dust settles from the Palin twister that ripped through America, I could only imagine and hope that Sarah Palin will realize that her time in the lower 48 did nothing but hurt her party and make herself look ridiculous on an international stage.

That probably won't be the case and it's very unfortunate. Yeah, I'm sure there are people ignorant and gullible enough to fall for her cheap appeal, but the majority has spoken. A lot of McCain supporters even jumped ship after a couple weeks of absolutely embarrassing interviews with the Alaskan Governor.

I'm not here to say she is pure evil, though the thought has crossed my mind numerous times. I am here to say that whatever she does, let's hope she keeps it up in Alaska. I was much happier before I knew anything about Sarah Palin.

Personally, I am sick of her being on television and in the news so regularly. The McCain campaign was a failure yet we see Palin in the news more than Joe Biden, our VP-elect. It's an abomination.

Yes there is talk about her running in 2012 as the head of the GOP ticket. First of all, Bush is still in office, can we stop talking about 2012!? Come on! I think we should let Obama be president for at least a little while before jumping to conclusions about something that may or may not happen four years in the future! The very idea of Sarah Palin running for president makes my head hurt and my stomach spin in circles. If she is qualified to be president we should just put a Playboy bunny in office instead. . . there wouldn't be much difference.

She has yet to prove herself as someone capable to field questions from the media. She thinks regular questions are 'gotcha' journalism and that her constitutional rights are in jeopardy because of the criticism she has taken. Give me a break. Someone running for the highest office in the land should expect criticism and tough questions. They should be able to handle them professionally and answer said questions accordingly . . . like Barack Obama.

Hopefully she'll stay in Alaska. That's all I have to say. The minute I turn on the television to be greeted by The Sarah Palin Show will be the day I smash my television and lose all hope. Take it from us Sarah, you're much better off where we can't hear or see you.


MainTour said...

Sarah shows some serious arm muscles there in that photo with the gun.

Gunner Sykes said...

Obama will be in Sarah's chair in January. She will come along and claim it in 2012.

If the market hadn't crashed, McCain would be taking the seat.

Crow while you can.

Grant Lingel said...

No ifs ands or buts gunner.. why don't you give Obama a chance guy?
stop hating

A bird in the hand said...

Sarah Palin doesn't have the intelligence and temperament for now or 20012 and beyond. And since she doesn't have it now, she never will. I just wish she would go away.

Anonymous said...

What truly bothers me are the people who actually support Palin for a run in 2012. I'm convinced Palin is a moron, but can there really be so many infatuated with her? Are they too morons? Here's a link to a video posted on CNN's iReport if you're interested to see Palin make a fool of herself - several times over. Please to the Palin supporters --- watch this with an open mind ---